Jan 19, 2009

Book Review: Rex

“He was exceptionally gifted and exceptionally challenged. But why had Rex been given so much – on both ends of the spectrum?”

Like every expectant mother, Cathleen Lewis had great hopes for her unborn child. Nothing could have prepared her for the phone call she received just three weeks before her little boy was due. A suspicious mass was found in the baby’s brain. Cathleen’s world was turned upside down, and life would never be the same. At eight weeks old, little Rex had his first surgery, to drain a cyst on his little brain. Not too long after that, Cathleen learned the horrible truth. Rex was blind. The struggles of raising a handicapped child tore her marriage apart. It was, however, a gift of a small electrical piano that started to pull life back together.

This is a story of a mother, a boy and the amazing power of God working in their lives. Rex had mountains to overcome. At age two he was not walking, talking or eating solid foods. Cathleen’s dedication and raw emotions drive this passionate story along. She shows her doubts and her struggles dealing with everyday life with a blind, autistic child. The book shows an interesting peek into the frustrating world of special needs education. More importantly, this book shows the pure love of a mother toward a very special boy – a musical savant named Rex.

This book, Rex, came Friday afternoon and was finished less than 24 hours later. It really is a touching story, worth the read!

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