Apr 6, 2009

Book Review: The Hole in Our Gospel

"At the outset, I stated that I have struggled all my lige with the implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have wrestled and continue to wrestle with all the issues raised in this book. What is my responsibility to the poor? How should I use my money? How do I deal with my own self-centeredness? What does God expect of me if I claim to follow him? Can I call him "Lord," even when I don't always do what he says? What right do I have even to write a book like this, challenging others in their Christian walk?" The Hole in Our Gospel, page 73.

It would be difficult to read this book passively. Richard Stearns brings us face to face with the poor and needy of the world. He pops our protective bubbles and challenges us to see the world through God's eyes. The statistics that Stearns shares are staggering, and numbing, but it is the true life stories that really touch the heart and made me rethink how I viewed the poor and needy of this world. Rich shares his heart in an open and conversational style. He tells about his own struggles to see people through God's eyes, and how God changed his life.

Richard Stearns came from poor roots, rose the corporate ladder, lived the American dream and gave it all up for the sake of a whole gospel. He tells his story of being at the “top of his game” to joining the real game, God’s game. Rich argues that there is a hole in the American gospel because we are ignoring all the passages that talk about taking care of the poor and needy in the world. As President of World Vision U.S., Stearns shows us how we can fix the gospel and make it whole again.

Don't read this book unless you are ready for God to touch your heart.

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