Mar 12, 2010

Book Review: Sons of Thunder by Susan May Warren

"'I never wanted to leave Zante, but I couldn't abandon Grandfather. He so wanted to see his family again before...' She closed her eyes. Drew a breath. Covered her face with her arms.

Oh, Sofia.

'I'm cursed, Markos. I am . . . cursed. Everyone I love . . . leaves me. Dies.'


'I am poison.'

He flinched, even more from her tone than from her words.

'You are not poison, Sofia Frangos!' He said, surprised at his anger. But she'd gotten up, walked away from him, and when he followed, she slammed herself into her room.

He sat outside her door and tried not to weep." Sons of Thunder, pg 51-52.

Sofia Frangos is torn between the love of two men and the promise that binds them all together. Markos Stavros loves Sophie from afar while battling his thirst for vengeance and his hunger for honor. Dino, his quiet and intelligent brother, simply wants to forget the horror that drove them from their Greek island home to start a new life in America. One of these sons of thunder offers a future she longs for, the other the past she lost. From the sultry Chicago jazz clubs of the roaring twenties to the World War II battlefields of Europe to a final showdown in a Greek island village, they'll discover betrayal, sacrifice and finally redemption. Most of all, when Sofia is forced to make her choice, shell learn that God honors the promises made by the Sons of Thunder.

Sons of Thunder is the first book in the Brothers in Arms series. I liked the way that Susan wrote the story in three sections, giving us a very personal look into the lives of the three main characters. I did feel, however, that there was something lacking in the narrative. The description at times was distracting to me, and the characters were not always true to themselves. Sofia learns a very important lesson during the story, but I feel that the change in the character is too swift. Overall, this is an enjoyable story about some weighty issues.

(I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.)

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