Jun 1, 2010

Book Review: A Summer Secret by Kathleen Fuller

"First the mysterious button, then a bent page in her journal...now her juice boxes were missing. What was going on?

Standing up, she glanced around the barn. For the first time the cavernous space had lost its comforting appeal. She shuddered. Someone was watching her. She could feel it.

'Who's there?' she called out, walking the length of the dirt floor. 'I know someone's here.'

She heard a rustling sound outside. Rushing out the door, she ran around the back of the barn, expecting to find the spy. But nobody was there. Great. Now her imagination was running wild. She needed to get home before she lost her mind completely. She took a step backward.

Someone grabbed her arm." A Summer Secret, pg 33.

Mary Beth Mullet only wanted a place to call her own - a quiet place away from her three rambunctious brothers. The old condemned barn was the perfect spot for her to sit, dream, write and draw. No one knew her special place, at least that was what she thought until she found the button. Now, it seems that someone else knows about her secret place, an Mary Beth is determined to solve the mystery. With the help of her twin brother Johnny, she works to unravel the web of mystery.

I really enjoyed reading Kathleen Fuller's book. I liked the personality that she gave the characters. Too often in Amish fiction, the characters seem a little flat, and not easy to identify with. Mary Beth is not like that. I think that young girls will be able to identify with her struggles and desires. I also think that the book teaches a great lesson about helping others in the right way. This was a great book and I look forward to reading the next mystery.

This book is a great piece of juvenile fiction. I would highly recommend adding it to your daughter's library.

(I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson for the purpose of review.)

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