Oct 9, 2010

Book Review: YHWH: The Flood The Fish & The Giant by G.P. Taylor and Paula K. Parker

Excerpt: Then with a trembling hand, Abraham leaned over and kissed Isaac's brow.

'I love you, my son,' he said softly.

The young man looked into his father's eyes. 'I love you too, Father,' he answered. His stomach tightened as his father raised the knife high over his head. The old man paused and, tensing the muscles in his arm, took a deep breath. 'Not my will but Yours...' Abraham whispered. 
YHWH: The Flood The Fish & The Giant, pg 67.

Back Cover: From the depths of time come stories that have been told and retold for thousands of years. Now we again have the chance to delve into those ancient mysteries. The Flood The Fish & The Giant will take you in to a long-forgotten world. Twenty exciting stories come together to speak of our history on the planet. Told in a fresh and exciting way, this book will open your eyes to the wonders of the universe and the force that has changed the history of mankind.

My Review: The Flood The Fish & The Giant was written with the Harry Potter generation in mind. Basically, this is a book with twenty stories from the Old Testament, retold in an imaginative way. New characters have been added, and old character have been given names. The stories don't contradict anything that is written in the Bible, but they don't really add that much to the experience. I'm not sure that reading this book will draw people to the true Biblical accounts. I guess I'm a skeptic as far as that is concerned.

Though the writing is good, it's not stellar. There were many times where I thought that I had heard the story told better at other times. I was hoping for more from this book than what it delivered.

My Rating: 

My Recommendation: I would recommend this book to young people who would enjoy a different kind of look at some classic Old Testament stories.

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