Nov 13, 2010

Book Review: While We're Far Apart by Lynn Austin

Excerpt: "You would really do it?" Daddy asked. "You'd move in and take care of the kids for me while I'm away?"

"Of course I would. I'd love to help you."

Esther watched him consider the idea. She wanted to elbow Daddy in the ribs and say, Hey! What about me? Why aren't you asking what I think? But something heavy pushed down on her chest again, making it hard to breathe. "Daddy?" she said softly.

"You probably wouldn't need to live there for very long," he continued. "I'm sure Ma will change her mind and let the kids move in with her once she gets used to the idea."

"Daddy?" Esther spoke louder this time.

"And I know you'd still help Ma out anytime she needed it, wouldn't you? Like if she needed a break?"

"Of course. We'll manage just fine. You'll see."

Panic squeezed Esther's ribs. This arrangement was really going to happen, and she didn't know how to stop it. She didn't want Daddy to go away - and she certainly didn't want boring Penny Goodrich to move in with them and take Mama's place. "Daddy!"

"Yes, doll?" He answered absently, gazing at the tiny yard, not at her. He took her and in his and gently caressed it with his thumb, but she knew he wasn't really listening to her. It was as if he were already on board a ship with Uncle Joe or Uncle Steve, sailing miles and miles away.

Esther hesitated to speak her mind, afraid that if she said what she really wanted to say, Daddy would get mad and let go of her hand. And she didn't want to do anything to make him let go.

"Never mind," she mumbled.

Because that was the mistake she had made with Mama. Esther had let go of her hand, thinking she was much too grown-up to hold hands. And now she would never hold Mama's hand again. While We're Far Apart, pg 16-17.

Back Cover: Penny remembered how it had started. She had fallen in love with Eddie Shaffer and had leaped at the chance to become part of his life. It started with the hope that he would love her, too, and maybe marry her someday. But that seed of hope had grown out of control into a sprawling, tangled vine, uprooting secrets and changing her completely...

My Review: Lynn Austin has done an amazing job with this book. While We're Far Apart is filled with drama, mystery, secrets, and budding romance that will keep you turning the pages. I couldn't put the book down! I love the style and tone of this book. The characters are well constructed and the plot believable. I held my breath through parts, and I worried about the characters and what would become of them.

While We're Far Apart takes place on the home front during World War II. One of the things I really like about this book is the cast of characters. The three main characters are all unique and come from completely different places in life. I enjoyed reading each of their thoughts and walking with them as they go through their personal struggles. Most of all, I liked how Austin wove in the spiritual lesson that God works even when it seems He is silent.

My Rating:

My Recommendation: I highly recommend this book for lovers of historical fiction and fans of Lynn Austin.

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  1. Sounds great! I read and reviewed Austin's "Though Water's Roar" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for reminding me how much I like her writing.


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