Dec 2, 2010

Book Review: The American Patriot's Almanac by William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb

Excerpt: People all over the world recognize Uncle Sam - the tall, white-haired gentleman dressed in red, white, and blue - as a symbol of the United States. Where did this old fellow with the top hat come from?

No one knows for sure, but tradition says he first showed up during the War of 1812. Business man Samuel Wilson of Troy, New York, who was known to friends as Uncle Sam, supplied the Army with beef in barrels. The barrels were labeled "U.S." to show they belonged to the United States government. Somewhere along the way, it is said, folks began to joke that the "U.S." stood for Uncle Sam, and a national symbol was born. The American Patriot's Almanac, pg 245.

Back Cover: Read Here the Storied History of these United States.

The stories in this book are part of what Abraham Lincoln called that "mystic chords of memory." They are the symbols that define the essence of the United States, that mark its historic course, and connect its people. The American Patriot's Almanac is a daily source of inspiration and information about the history, heroes, and achievements that sum up what this nation is all about.

My Review: I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this wonderful volume of United States history. The daily stories are uplifting, and bring out the best in what it means to be an American. Each day there is a American History Parade that gives you information about important events that happened on that day. Sandwiched between the months are pages of quotes, songs, and the text of important U.S. documents. The book itself is a wonderfully bound hardcover edition with a deckle edge. I enjoyed the style that the daily readings are written in, and I learned much from the chosen topics.

My Rating:

My Recommendation: This beautiful book would make a great gift for lovers of American history.

(I received a complimentary copy of this book from for the purpose of review.)

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