Jan 19, 2012

Book Review: The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen

Excerpt: "I don't care how you do it, just get her to marry you."

"What do you suggest?"

"Did I not pay for your education, Marcus? Can you really be such a simpleton?"

"What do you mean?"

"Come now. Charm and flattery never fail, at least where Macy women are concerned. Woo her, flatter her, make love to her. And if all else fails . . . compromise."

"You are not suggesting . . . ?"

"Why not. You have done the like before."

Marcus hissed, "But she is a lady."

"And will be restored to respectability as soon as she weds you." The Maid of Fairbourne Hall, pg 29.

Back Cover: To escape a scheme to marry her off to a dishonorable man, Margaret Macy flees London disguised as a housemaid. If she can remain unwed until her next birthday, she will receive an inheritance, and with it, sweet independence. But she never planned on actually working as a servant. And certainly not in the home of Nathaniel and Lewis Upchurch--both former suitors.

As she fumbles through the first real work of her life, Margaret struggles to keep her identity secret when suspicions arise and prying eyes visit Fairbourne Hall. Can she avoid a trap meant to force her from hiding?

Brimming with romance and danger, The Maid of Fairbourne Hall takes readers inside the fascinating belowstairs world of a 19th-century English manor, where appearances can be deceiving.

My Review: I loved this book! Julie Klassen is truly an amazing writer, who, once again, gives readers a story that is nearly impossible to put down. I was drawn deeply into this story, and still found myself thinking about the plot several days later. Of course, this doesn't surprise me, since I've had the same experience with every one of Julie's wonderful books. I enjoyed seeing the main character change as the story progressed. Not only is this novel full of great character development, but it also has danger and mystery. Who doesn't like to read a story about pirates and disguises?

If you haven't read Julie Klassen's books, you really have been missing out.

My Rating:

My Recommendation: I highly recommend this book to readers of historical romance.

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  1. I enjoyed this book. It was a good read and the characters were all very well done and likable. Although at first, I disliked Margaret. She wasn’t that likable in the beginning and acted more like a spoiled brat who took a lot of things for granted. However, Margaret also provided for the most developed character in the book and it was nice to see her grow and become a much better person. I enjoyed reading her experience as a housemaid (mostly comical, sometimes I felt sorry for her).


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