Feb 20, 2012

Book Review: Blue Moon Bay by Lisa Wingate

Excerpt: "I'm coming down there," I said, but the show of bravado was intended only to make my mother snap to her senses. Surely she knew that Moses Lake, in terms of emotional stability, wasn't the best place for her to spend time. "Really, Mother. It isn't good for you to be there. What could you possibly be hoping to accomplish?"

"Maybe putting some ghosts to rest." Suddenly the lightness was gone from her tone. She sounded gravely serious. "They don't just go away on their own, you know."

A sick feeling leeched from the pit of my stomach, darkness spreading over me like a splash of ink. How was it that she could still do this to me? It was as if she knew where the painful spots were, and she could probe them whenever she wanted. "I'll be there tomorrow. I'll help you ship whatever boxes you want to ship, and then we're coming back here and doing the deal as planned." Blue Moon Bay, pg 22.

Back Cover: Every Once in a Blue Moon Your Heart Waits at a Crossroads

For Seattle architect Heather Hampton, a trip back to tiny Moses Lake, Texas, is hardly in the plan. Yet because a promotion hinges on the sale of the family farmland, Heather heads to the last place she ever wanted to go. She's determined to return home, signed contract in hand, the next day.

But the currents of Moses Lake take visitors on unexpected journeys. As Heather's stay lengthens, she discovers a family steeped in secrets and an unexpected connection to local banker Blaine Underhill, despite his opposition to Heather's project. With each new revelation and question, Heather can't help but wonder if the handsome banker--and the family she has come to know again--are crooks or crusaders. Somehow she must find out the truth before she loses everything she has worked for and everything she's found on the shores of Moses Lake.

My Review: Blue Moon Bay is a story full of the mixed up life of one woman who thought that she was happy. Heather Hampton is ready to get rid of the past once and for all, but her family seems bent on destroying that dream. Determined to put an end to whatever is going on, Heather finds herself facing the past, and the present and not liking what she sees. Blue Moon Bay caused me to stop and think about all the times I've let faulty assumptions guide my life. Too many times in the book I found myself in the main character as she tries to make sense out of the twisted situation that her family is in. I love watching Heather's growth as the story unfolds, and I enjoyed the tangled mystery that is there, as well as a chance to see some of the characters from the first book in this series Larkspur Cove. Even as part of a series, this book reads like a stand alone novel.

My Rating:

My Recommendation: I recommend this book to fans of Lisa Wingate and readers of contemporary Christian fiction.

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