Mar 28, 2012

Book Review: Chasing the Sun by Tracie Peterson

Excerpt: "There's your proof," a grizzled, menacing man told Herbert Lockhart. He pointed to several items on the desk. "I took 'em off him just like you said. Now pay me."

Lockhart considered the pieces a moment. A gold pocket watch and chain, a leather wallet, and a small daguerreotype framed behind glass. He picked up the watch and noted the inscribed initials. Just as quickly he cast it aside. Next he examined the photo of John Dandridge's pretty wife. Se was dead, and it was a real pity. The woman was quite attractive. Not as beautiful as Hannah Dandridge, but very pleasing to the eye. Looking through the wallet, he found nothing of interest, and very little money. "Where's his cash?"

The man threw him a smile. "Well, I had to pay to get him buried. Couldn't very well just leave his body out there to rot on the road." Chasing the Sun, pg 19.

Back Cover: HANNAH is desperate for help..
WILLIAM is determined to regain his family's land...

When her father disappears in war-torn Mississippi, Hannah Dandridge finds herself responsible not only for her younger siblings but also for the Texas ranch her father recently acquired. A marriage of convenience could ease her predicament... but is it the true desire of her heart?

Wounded soldier William Barnett returns home only to find out that his family's ranch has been seized. Though angered at this turn of events, he's surprised to discover that it is a beautiful young woman with amazing fortitude who is struggling to keep the place running.

Despite these circumstances, Hannah and William form an uneasy truce... and an undeniable attraction builds between them. In a land where loyalties are divided in a country ravaged by war, is there any hope that the first blush of love can survive?

My Review: I enjoyed Chasing the Sun. The novel is a story of forgiveness, kindness, and friendship. The characters are well developed, and the plot was interesting. The antagonist continued to cause problems for the two main characters, and I found myself disliking him more and more, hoping he would get caught in his despicable plan. I really enjoyed the antics of Hannah's younger siblings. The children were a lot of fun to read about, especially at the end of the story. I was encouraged by the themes of the book. It made me think about how God is with us, even when we don't feel his presence, or understand what is going on in our world. Tracie Peterson wove a wonderful story in this first installment of the Land of the Lone Star series.
My Rating:

My Recommendation: I recommend this book to readers of westerns and fans of Tracie Peterson.

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