Nov 24, 2014

DVD Review: Burning Questions

About: There are Burning Questions, the answers to which have profound implications because they effect so many other areas of life: for instance, whether or not life has meaning, purpose or hope. Yet, too often, attempts to talk about these questions are marred by a clash of fundamentalisms, by extremists (religious or secular) simply yelling or trying to outsmart each other.

Is there a better way to have discourse on these questions that really do matter? Join Dr. Andy Bannister as he tries to do just that - journeying across three countries - talking to a wide range of experts - people of all faiths and none - in search of some clarity. Whether you're a skeptic or a seeker, a doubler or a disciple, Burning Questions will encourage you to listen well, think deeply and to follow the evidence where it leads.

My Review: A few weeks ago, my husband said something that really struck a cord. He said that before we can say "I disagree," we have to be able to say "I understand." When discussions touch and threaten our worldview, it is normal to shut down and get defensive. It is hard to actually listen and hear what an opponent has to say. What I love about this DVD series is how all views are presented in a respectful way. Too often we think about those who oppose our view as stupid, but through this series it is clear that there are intelligent people on all sides of the issue. I believe this series is a great conversation starter.

My Rating:

My Recommendation: I highly recommend this DVD to anyone and everyone.

I received this DVD from Graf-Martin Communication for the purpose of review.

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