Jun 15, 2009

Book Review: Christianity in Crisis 21st Century

"You, the reader, will inevitably need to decide whether you think the Faith movement is cultic or Christian. You must decide whether these doctrines are true or false or some muddy mixture of both."
Christianity in Crisis, pg 11.

Reading Christianity in Crisis was an eye-opening and almost scary experience. Hank Hanegraaff does a great job laying out the key players and leading doctrines of the faith (give-to-get) movement. The way that Hanegraaff presents his information is through and easy to follow. His research is well documented and full of direct quotes from these “Superstars” of the movement. It is those quotes that left me feeling uneasy. These men, who Hanegraaff documents, are claiming to be the mouth of God on Earth, and yet they continually twist the scriptures to something that is contrary to the clear teaching of the Bible. When questioned about their teaching, these same preachers call down curses from heaven on those who would dare question their authority in presenting the words of God. The promises that these men make, helps me understand how so many people are mixed up in this movement. I really appreciated the sets of acrostics that Hanegraaff used to combat these false teachings. The final section of the book brings the reader back to the basics, getting a clear focus on the truths of the scriptures.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in or has wondered about the faith movement, prosperity gospel or the give-to-get teachings. This book is a wonderful resource and an enlightening read. Well worth the time!

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