Aug 17, 2009

Book Review: A Man of His Word

"Moriah Byler ran her fingers across the soft fabric of the dress hanging on her closet door. Its powder-blue hue, her favorite color, resembled a clear summer sky. Giddiness coursed through her. In three hours she would don the dress, and before God and her church, she would become Mrs. Levi Miller." A Man of His Word, page 1.

Set in the peaceful Amish community of Middlefield, Ohio, Kathleen Fuller takes the reader to a simpler life in the Old Order.

Life seems perfect as Moriah marries the man of her dreams. Soon, however, those dreams turn into a nightmare as her husband leaves her, the church and their unborn child. A tragic accident claims his life before he can return to her. Moriah buries herself in her grief, unwilling to allow anyone near her broken heart. Trust is too painful, even when it comes to trusting God.

This story is actually two love stories woven into one book. Moriah’s story takes the center stage, while her younger brother, Tobias, struggles with his own heart. It is through the wise council of an older man, that Tobias finally realizes what must be done in matters of the heart.

This is the first Amish novel that I have read. I love the realness of these characters as they struggle through some difficult circumstances – abandonment, betrayal, death, love and trust. Kathleen Fuller's novel is well researched and displays the life of the Amish in a very respectful way. The glossary in the front was a wonderful resource, as the characters used Pennsylvanian Dutch vocabulary.

I enjoyed this novel. I finished it in less than 36 hours. A good read!

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