Sep 21, 2009

Book Review: Plain Promise by Beth Wiseman

"She recalled the phone call from Mr. Saunders's personal assistant. The woman requested the one-bedroom cottage January through March for Mr. Saunders, but only after insisting that his privacy be respected during his stay. Sadie had hesitated. Her previous renters had been couples and families. How would it look for a single man to be occupying the same property as Sadie for three month, even if they were under separate roofs? Would the bishop be displeased?" Plain Promise, pg 4.

Sadie Fisher, a young Amish widow, struggles with the wisdom of her decision. Was it right to let Kade Saunders stay in her cottage all winter? Kade is running away from his hectic life in Los Angelas. The last think that Kade Saunders wants is the complication of a woman in his life. What he gets is more complicated than he could have imagined. Kade’s soon-to-be-ex wife arrives and drops off their autistic son for Kade to take care of. Kade is now faced with challenges that threaten to undo him... until the beautiful Sadie steps in to help.

Plain Promise is a sweet, comforting story of two people from two different worlds. There are no huge twists and turns in the book, but there were many interesting sub-plots going on throughout. Beth does a wonderful job fleshing out her characters. They are believable, vulnerable and strong at the same time. One of my favourite characters in the story was Jonas. The older Amish man was so much fun to read about. He reminded me a lot of my grandfather, at the beginning of his struggle with Alzheimer’s. Though part of a series, this book reads well on its own. I would recommend this book to those who want a heart-warming story set among the Amish of Lancaster County.

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