Oct 21, 2009

Book Reviewing

The doorbell rang, and I rushed up the stairs in anticipation. Was it my friend, the courier man, with another box or package? I opened the door and picked up my package, waving to the courier truck as it started down my street. I looked at the label and knew immediately what the box contained. Another FREE book to review.

I love being a book reviewer. I look forward to getting new books and delving into a new story. I love the feel and smell of a new book, and you can't be the price when you're a book reviewer. When I started my blog, last year, I had no idea that it was an option to get books for free for the purpose of reviewing.

Before I came to Canada, I used to frequent the local bookstores and search through their bargain book bins. There was always something there to catch my eye and tempt me to lay down my hard earned money. I have a weakness for books.

When I came to Canada, however, I was immediately confronted with the lack of Christian book stores. I missed browsing the aisles and seeing what new books my favorite authors had just released. Not only did I notice the lack of Christian bookstores, I also noticed the increase in book prices. My addiction for books was eating a huge hole in the budget. I felt I needed to join book buyers anonymous and go through their twelve step program.

It was at a time when I hadn't purchased a book in over two months (shocking for me) that I discovered the wonderful world of book reviewing. It saved my sanity, the budget and perhaps my marriage.

Thomas Nelson runs a great program for Book review bloggers (click here to sign up). The publisher will send you a FREE book of your choice (from their list of current books for review). In exchange you have to read the book in it entirety and then post a 200+ word review of the book on your blog and a consumer website. Once you submit your review you are then eligible to chose another book from the list. The Book Review Blogger program is user friendly, and the service is quick. I just received my next book to review for Thomas Nelson this morning.

Tyndale House Publishers also runs a program for book reviewers (click here to sign up). Tyndale's program is a lot like Thomas Nelson's. You chose a book from a list, and they will send it to you for review. I am still waiting for my first book to arrive from Tyndale. Their service seems to be a little slower than Thomas Nelson's. I have done an ARC (Advance Review Copy) review for them, and things went very smoothly. Again, in exchange for the FREE book, Tyndale requires that you read it and post a review and then submit those links for approval. Once approval has been given, you can request another book.

Bethany House Publishers runs a slightly different program than the other two (click here to sign up). Instead of having a running list of books for review on a website, Bethany House sends periodic emails out to those on the review list. From the email you are able to click on a link to ask for a review copy. The first email I received from Bethany House had four titles to choose from, and I requested them all. The package came very quickly. Again, to be a reviewer you must read the book and post a review on your blog and a retailer's site. Once that is finished you send an email to let them know the review is up. I like this program because you can get more than one book at a time.

These are the three programs that I am currently working with. I would love to learn about other book review programs. Do you do Reviewing? What are your experiences?

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