Oct 27, 2009

Book Review: The TALLEST of smalls by Max Lucado

"Perhaps you don't know -
then, maybe you do -
the Too Smalls of Stiltsville
and their story for you,"

Every day at six, the people of Stiltsville go to the center of town to find out who is going to be in the cool crowd. In Stiltsville, cool people walk around on stilts and look down on the common people. A little boy named Ollie waits with the crowd. He is a very common little boy with mismatched socks, but to everyone’s surprise Ollie gets to walk on stilts. He loves it at first, but when the birds start using him as a perch, Ollie falls from his stilted height. Jesus is there to pick him up and show him just how special he is.

After reading Max Lucado’s Fearless, I can see how this children’s book ties in with the theme. Too often we listen to what other people say about us, and not what our Lord has to say. We let the world tell us that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or wealthy enough to matter. But the truth is that God loves us, and made us just as we are. He has a purpose for our lives and we don’t have to listen to what those around us have to say. It is God’s Word that matters.

I really enjoyed this book. The illustrations are wonderful, and the message is very timely. I can’t wait to read this book to my Children’s church class.

(I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of reviewing.)

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