Jan 19, 2010

Book Review: The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan

"The man with the knife was a stranger. I never saw him before he tried to kill me.

I was in the Whitney Library when it happened, about seven miles from my hometown of Spring Hill. I'd been there for about forty-five minutes. I had come with a plan - a plan to clear my name, to get free, to get home to my family and out of danger. Now I had to leave. It wasn't safe for me to stay in any one place for very long." The Long Way Home, pg 3.

Seventeen year old Charlie West is on a dangerous quest to piece together the missing year of his life. He has been convicted of murder, sentenced and imprisoned. But he escaped. He is now a fugitive on the run, trying to find the answers that will prove his innocence. With the police and a terrorist group both hot on his trail, Charlie makes his way home to Spring Hill. With the help of his high school friends, he learns things about the past, but will it be enough? Will he figure out who framed him for his friend's murder? Will he get out alive? How many times can he escape the law?

Andrew Klavan writes an action packed book that fits well for a male teenage audience. The Long Way Home is the second book in THE HIGHLANDERS series. Written as a first person narrative, we get to see inside the struggles that Charlie faces looking for the truth about the year that he can’t remember. He learns much from his friends, who are determined to support him no matter what the danger.

I would recommend this book for a teenage boys who enjoy a non-stop action packed adventure. It will keep them on turning the pages.

(I received a complimentary copy of this book for the purpose of review.)

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