Feb 9, 2010

Book Review and Giveaway: Crave by Chris Tomlinson

"I am staring at a chubby kid eating ice cream, and the experience is deeply profound.

Before you think ill of me, you should know that this boy is actually on my television, or more specifically, on a picture that is taped to my television. With his brow furrowed and his right hand tightly gripping a spoon, he is sitting in front of a large carton of ice cream, the spoon buried deep below its surface. His eyes reveal the intensity of deep desire; in that moment, all that exists in the world is his mouth, a spoon and the ice cream. As if his expression didn't convey it clearly enough, the creators of this image have named his desire in large white letters spread across the scene: CRAVE." Crave: wanting so much more of God, pg. 11.

We all crave something, and most of us (if we were really honest with ourselves) would say that we crave something more in our relationship with God. Crave: wanting so much more of God follows Chris Tomlinson's search for more in his own relationship with God. Using and easy to read, humorous style, Chris shows us what is in his heart, and leads us to question our own cravings and desires.

I devoured Chris' book. I could really identify with his pursuit of getting more out of his relationship with God. Something that really stuck with me was his chapter on Extras.

He told a story about going to the movies with his wife, and having this guy stare at them. The guy then got up and excitedly told them that the he was an extra in the movie. He couldn't contain his excitement. He wasn't the star, just a guy that walked across the screen once, but he was beside himself because he was actually in the movie. Chris then relates this to the Christian life.

I could identify. I've caught myself believing that I'm the star of the story. I want my own dressing room, and I want everyone to listen to me. But the truth is, I'm just an extra. Christ is the star of the show, and I only have a moment on screen. Still, being an extra isn't something to feel bad about. In fact, I should act like the man at the movies, unable to contain my excitement because I get a few moments of screen time in the greatest story ever told.

Yes, the book left me Craving more of God. I would recommend Chris' book to any Christian who longs for something deeper in their walk, something that can satisfy.

(I received a complimentary copy of this book from Harvest House for the purpose of review.)

You can find more about Chris Tomlinson at his website, Twitter and Facebook.

Crave: Wanting So Much More of God (First 3 Chapters)

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And now for the question:What do you want to get out of your relationship with God?

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