Feb 2, 2010

Book Review: Sense and Sensibility: Insight Edition by Jane Austen

Jane Austen's classic tale of secret engagements, first loves, and two sisters, opposites in every way

Enjoy Sense and Sensibility like never before! This insight edition is loaded with trivia, notes, facts, and inspirations drawn from Austen’s writings and life.

When I heard that Bethany House was offering Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility for review, I flew at the chance. Not only does this edition offer the beloved classic story of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, it also give the reader a fun glimpse into the world where Jane Austen lived and wrote. I enjoyed the editorial comments along the way. It made me feel like I was reading a book with a friend, and that friend was sharing insights and funny things as they read it with me. One of my favorite features was the ongoing list of disliked characters. It was fun to see who made it on the top of the list in that specific chapter.

Though I had read Pride and Prejudice before, I had never taken the time to read Sense and Sensibility. I'm so glad that I did, and that it was in this format. I'm going to look into getting a copy of Pride and Prejudice the Insight edition, as well.

I highly recommend this book. It would be a wonderful addition to any library.

(I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of review.)

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