Jul 13, 2010

Book Review: The Seeker by Ann Gabhart

"'But, Edwin,' she interrupted him. 'We are to wed next month.'

He did have the grace to look uncomfortable, but he didn't back away from her. 'That was more your decision than mine, Charlotte. While I regret disappointing you, Elder Logan assures me a man should not allow himself to be pulled into an unwanted and sinful union simply to avoid a bit of embarrassment. Not when his eternal salvation is at stake.'

'Marriage is not sinful,' Charlotte said. 'I fear you have been listening to bad advice from those who simply want to gather your land in with theirs.'" The Seeker, pg 16.

Charlotte Vance has her whole life planned out. She will marry Edwin Gilbey and thus combine their two great properties. It would not be a marriage of love, but Charlotte is determined that is the way things are going to be. That is, till Edwin comes up with an idea of his own - to join the Shakers. Charlotte's world crashes down around her with her father's surprise marriage, the crumbling of her own dreams, and the arrival of an artist named Adam Wade. Will Charlotte have the courage to do the unexpected? Will she lose her beloved home to her stepmother's schemes? Can she save her "people" from being sold down river? Will she ever be able to sort out her feelings about the Shakers, Edwin and Adam?

Ann Gabhart takes us into the heart of Kentucky as it teeters on the edge of the Civil War. This story gives an interesting look at the war and the life of the peaceful Shakers and their strange doctrine. Personally, I was a little disappointed in this story. It didn't grab me the way that some other books do. Still, if you like Amish fiction, you will probably enjoy The Seeker.

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