Jul 17, 2010

Book Review: Courting Marrow Little by Laura Frantz

"'Perhaps the Almighty sent the Shawnee to our door.'

At this, the tempest inside her erupted all over again. 'Did the Almighty also send them the first time, Pa? To kill Ma and Euphemia and take Jess?'

He seemed to wilt at her hasty words, though his voice held firm. 'We're coming closer, Morrow. Now that we know Surrounded's son speaks English, we can ask about Jess. You might help, you know.'


'Talk to him. Ask about your brother. It seems like a God-given opportunity.'" Courting Morrow Little, pg 56-57.

Morrow Little's life changed when she was five years old and a group of Shawnee attacked her home, killing her mother and baby sister, and taking her older brother captive. Morrow and her father hold out hope that they will one day find Jess, but Morrow isn't ready to forgive the savages that brought such heartache to her family. Now on her way to womanhood, Morrow has to learn how to deal with the past. By facing her fears, can she finally get rid of the nightmares that plague her? Will she learn to forgive the Shawnee? Will she learn what love really means?

Courting Morrow Little is a historical novel set around the time of the revolution. The story is filled with Redcoats and Bluecoats, and of course the Indians that made life so difficult for those on the fronter. Laura Frantz does a great job showing us life during that period of time. Her handling of the topic, and her engaging storyline made this book a delightful read. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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