Jun 14, 2011

Book Review: A Killer Among Us by Lynette Eason

Excerpt: The Judge rubbed his eyes, weary with all the thinking he'd had to do lately. Searching for the perfect family, seeking ways to administer justice. And when it was all said and done, he'd go home and rub his old man's face in it.

Over and over and over again. He giggled at his repetition. Threes always made him feel better.

Feel better, feel better, he echoed in his mind.

Then frowned. They'd have no choice but to admire him, to praise him for his brilliant mind and methods.

Especially those who'd laughed at him.

Those who'd mocked him, humiliated him.

Like Walter.

Poor Walter. A Killer Among Us, pg 22.

Back Cover: What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

Kit Kenyon is a first-rate hostage negotiator. Noah Lambert is a good detective with excellent instincts. These new partners have hardly had time to get used to each other when they are thrown into a grisly murder case. As evidence mounts up and more victims are found, Kit and Noah realize they are on the hunt for a serial killer. The problem is, he may be hunting one of them too.

My Review: Warning: Do not read this book when you are home alone at night!

Lynette Eason does an excellent job in this third book of the Women of Justice series. I couldn't wait till this book came out so I could continue the story, and I was not disappointed. Eason fills this novel with enough conflict, romance and suspense to keep the reader turning the pages from one cover to the other. But be warned, this story is not for the faint of heart, or those who are already scared of the dark!

My Rating:

My Recommendation: I highly recommend this book to readers of romantic suspense.

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