Sep 27, 2011

Book Review: To Have and To Hold by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller

Excerpt: Audrey Cunningham knew that look. The wrinkled brow, the furrowed crevices around the lips, the eyebrows dropped low above gunmetal gray eyes - the look her father displayed when trouble loomed in their future.

She'd observed far too many of those worried expressions over the past months. And though she'd questioned her father on more than one occation, he continually denied that anything was amiss. But not this morning. This morning, he motioned her toward the breakfast table and pointed to one of the spindle-back chairs. She settled on the cane seat and braced herself for the bad news that was sure to follow.

"We've got troubles." To Have and To Hold, pg 7.

Back Cover: Take a trip back in time to beautiful Bridal Veil Island

When Audrey Cunningham moved with her father to his ancestral home on Bridal Veil Island, Georgia, she hoped the beauty and remoteness of the place would keep him sober and close to God. But now wealthy investors are buying up land to build a grand resort on the secluded island--and they want the Cunninghams' property.

Contractor Marshall Graham can't imagine why Boyd Cunningham would ask him to look after Audrey. Marshall has no desire to be saddled with caring for the fiery young woman who seems to think the worst of him. But when someone appears to be sabotaging the construction work at the resort and Audrey's life is endangered, Marshall realizes she holds more of his heart than he thought and he'll do anything to keep her safe.

Amid a time of growth and change for Bridal Veil, can Marshall and Audrey find a foundation on which to build a love to last forever?

My Review: To Have and To Hold is the first book in the Bridal Veil Island series by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller. It's the story of hope and trust in the midst of hardships. Audrey Cunningham has known her share of sorrow. Her mother has died, and her father spent most of her life as an alcoholic. Now sober, he has taken her back to a small island in Georgia where he grew up. Audrey is then faced with some of the most difficult circumstances in her life, and must learn to discern the true character of two different men. Will she loose her heart to the wrong one? Will she be able to hold on to her faith when yet another sorrow disrupts her life? Can she learn to stop jumping to conclusions and trust the Lord to direct her path?

My Rating:

My Recommendation: I recommend this book to fans of Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller.

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