Sep 29, 2011

Book Review: Wings of a Dream by Anne Mateer

Excerpt: Texas. Where Arthur zipped across the endless skies. My breath stuck in my chest. Only the Lord could make Mama willing to send me to Texas, to Arthur, right now. Arthur was my God-ordained future. This could mean nothing else. Wings of a Dream, pg 22.

Back Cover: Rebekah Hendricks dreams of a life far beyond her family's farm in Oklahoma, and when dashing aviator Arthur Samson promises adventure in the big city, she is quick to believe he's the man she's meant to marry.

While she waits for the end of the Great War and Arthur's return, her mother's sister falls ill. Rebekah seizes the opportunity to travel to Texas to care for Aunt Adabelle, sure that her glamorous and exciting life is about to start.

But the Spanish flu epidemic changes everything. Faced with her aunt's sickness, Arthur's indecisiveness, and four children who have no one else to care for them, Rebekah discovers she must choose between her desire to escape the type of life she's always led and the unexpected love that just might change the dream of her heart.

My Review: Sometimes what we dream of and what we really want are two very different things. Rebekah Hendricks dreams of a life of adventure away from the mundane existence that she has always known. She will do anything to get away from her boring life, and believes that Arthur is the answer to that wish. When a telegram arrives, Rebekah is sent on a God-ordained mission, but it might not end like she originally thought. Anne Mateer weaves a delightful story of heart, hope and family that will make you think about what really matters in life, and what real adventure is all about.

My Rating:

My Recommendation: I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction.

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