Sep 8, 2009

Book Review: Fearless by Max Lucado

"Fear, it seems, has taken a hundred-year lease on the building next door and set up shop. Oversize and rude, fear is unwilling to share the heart with happiness. Happiness complies and leaves. Do you ever see the two together? Can one be happy and afraid at the same time? Clear thinking and afraid? Confident and afraid? Merciful and afraid? No. Fear is the big bully in the high school hallway: brash, loud, and unproductive. For all the noise fear makes and room it takes, fear does little good." Fearless, pg 5.

The world is a fear-filled place. Everywhere we look, we have reason for fear. Max Lucado takes us on a journey through the common fears of man and helps us put those fears back into perspective. Max shows us the disciples, and the fears that they had in the presence of the Savior. He talks about the fear of violence, death, worst-case scenarios, global calamity and many others. Finally, he takes us to the fear the causes all other fear to fall away – the fear of the Lord. Max’s conversational style, humorous stories, and dynamic word pictures make this book a wonderful read.

I, like every other human being, have had my moments of extreme fear. I worry what others will think about me. I fear that I will do the wrong thing in social settings. I feared that I would never get married. I feared that I would not be able to pay my bills. I was afraid that I would have to quit college because I couldn’t afford the bill. Yes, I too have been afraid. Reading this book helped put some of those fears back in perspective. I would highly recommend this for anyone who is living and who has ever feared anything. The good news is…we’re not alone!

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